PURE Rooms

  • The Annapolis Waterfront Hotel proudly features PURE guestrooms. These revolutionary luxury hotel rooms have gone through a comprehensive process to dramatically improve the air quality and nearly eliminate irritants, allowing you to rest comfortably.  In-room air filtration systems remove air particles, while surfaces are treated to minimize the growth of bacteria.

    These hypoallergenic accommodations are nearly 99.9% allergen-free and feature:

    • Sanitized heater and air conditioner, maintained with PURE Tea Tree Oil to inhibit microbial growth
    • Cleansed and sanitized soft surfaces, to eliminate contaminants that trigger allergies
    • PureShield™ application on all surfaces, to minimize the growth of bacteria
    • In-room medical grade air purification system, with 4 levels of filtration that kills 94-100% of viruses and bacteria
    • Micro fiber pillowcases and mattress covers to help prevent dust and dander
    • Certification by PURE®