A Summer Escape from DC to Annapolis

Whether you’re a Washington, DC local or you’re headed to the DMV this summer for a vacation, it’s worth considering making the fun trip over to Annapolis for some fun. Just a short distance from the nation’s capital, Annapolis is a rich, waterfront town with loads of history, fantastic food, and gorgeous scenery. To help break down how you could fill a getaway here, here’s a brief guide to a summer escape from DC to Annapolis. 

Take a Train Ride or Easy Drive 

For the commute, the most convenient and affordable options are the railway and the highway. For those of you with a car, the drive from Washington, DC to Annapolis is just a little over an hour with moderate traffic and just over 30 miles in distance. If you’re an out-of-towner without an automobile, or you’re looking for a vacation from your car too, the train is also an excellent option and can get you there in as little as an hour and a half. 

Check-in with the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel 

Once you’ve arrived in Annapolis, be sure to check in with the most well-situated property in town — us, here at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel. On top of being within close distance to many of the city’s most worthy attractions, we also are home to gorgeous waterfront rooms, some of which feature private balconies, views of the historic downtown surrounding, and views of the breathtaking harbor nearby. 

Explore the Waterfront — In Depth! 

After you’ve dropped off your bag, you can set out on foot from our property, which is set on Annapolis Harbor to discover a number of fun adventures. You can take in the views of boats and sea life from Sycamore Point, book a fun outing on the water with Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake, and get some education at the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park. 

Explore Annapolis 

In addition to the harbor and the Chesapeake Bay, there’s a lot to discover and enjoy during a summer getaway to Annapolis. One of the most popular and sought-after attractions in town is the United States Naval Academy, which is over 175 years old and home to a 238-acre campus with tons of landmark buildings. Annapolis is home to fantastic shopping at destinations like the Annapolis Towne Center, and great seafood restaurants. Check out our guide on Things To Do in Annapolis for more recommendations! 

Keep on Exploring! 

If you’re embarking on summer travels and are considering Annapolis as a stop along the way, its location is really a choice. Not only is it only a little more than an hour commute from DC, but from there you can easily branch off to explore more gorgeous parts of the region including Delaware and Northern Virginia.