Your Guide to the Annapolis Fall Boat Shows

Annapolis City Dock, also known as ‘Ego Alley’, is a gorgeous showcase of high-end boats all year round. In October, the dock features two fall boat shows: the United States Powerboat Show and the United States Sailboat Show. And this year these awesome events are taking place on back-to-back weekends. 

Each of these long-held traditions features exhibitions and eating events, plus amazing deals from boaters on the latest vessels, accessories, technology, and more. For information on the shows, and how to take advantage of our Annapolis dock, here’s our guide to the Annapolis fall boat shows:

The United States Powerboat Show, October 6th-9th

The 50th United States Powerboat Show promises to be a spectacle for boat enthusiasts and novices alike. The sheer variety and expensive nature of the luxury motor yachts, high-speed powerboats, and game-changing catamarans will keep you entertained all day. While visiting, you can buy boats, boating supplies, lessons, and more. 

United States Sailboat Show, October 13th-17th

Sailboats are truly majestic, and so a long-standing tradition like the United States Sailboat Show is a real delight for sailors and enthusiasts. For travelers who are in town during this time, it promises to be a blast with loads of impressive sailboats coming into town. Sailors from around the world will be here exhibiting new boats, gear, and technology. 

Annapolis Waterfront Hotel Docking Information

These shows mark a fantastic time of year for the boating community. Complemented by Maryland’s crisp fall air, the festivities bring boaters together to share the latest and greatest rides and accessories from their fields. 

If you’re one of these boaters, then you might want to take advantage of our Annapolis Dock. Reserving space at our dock enables you to pull your vessel right up to our property, the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel.

We offer hourly dockage for up to two hours on a first-come-first-serve basis for vessels under and over 30 feet. You can also make reservations at a rate of $1.50 per foot of reserved space. With a prime docking location, our waterfront hotel is the perfect place to experience the Annapolis fall boat shows. 

Whether you want to pull up to our dock or spend a night in one of our guestrooms, make Annapolis Waterfront Hotel your home base this fall.